WP2: Key specifications and guidelines

Activity description:

The technological constraints and possible solutions / technological components to be integrated in the advanced neural interfaces envisioned by the Consortium will be identified. PISAS will lead this task exploiting its scientific knowledge in the field of hybrid materials ad chemistry to underpin the possible technical constraints and the possible improvements in terms of surface chemistry of the currently commercialized SELINE electrode product.

All the system constraints will be highlighted, such as sizing, surface properties of polyimide and the active sites, compatibility/incompatibility with specific fabrication/deposition processes, etc. Then, the most suitable techniques and components will be identified and concerted between the partners. Finally, a set of guidelines will be prepared, in order to efficiently orient the research efforts of all partners. These guidelines will serve as driving inputs and boundary conditions for the research activities of WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6.