M2Neural aims at significantly improving the performance of neural electrodes, used for interfacing the peripheral nervous system. This will be achieved by providing the electrode with an advanced multifunctional coating. A non-degradable hydrogel with precisely tuned properties will allow: (i) to minimize the mechanical mismatch between the implanted device and the tissue, (ii) to promote electrode biocompatibility and axonal health thanks to the gradual release of neurotrophic and anti-inflammatory factors, and (iii) to provide neurons with indirect electrical stimuli, by means of piezoelectric nanoparticles embedded in the hydrogel and periodical external ultrasound stimulation of the implant.

M2Neural will allow the development of a new generation of human-machine interfaces for bidirectional neurocontrolled hand prostheses and other types of neuroprostheses dedicated to restoring sensory-motor functions. The SME involved will maximize the M2Neural exploitation possibilities.

The project started on November 1, 2014 and will last 3 years.