Work Programme

Activity description:

Task 1.1: Administrative coordination (SSSA, All)

This Task will address all activities inherent to the financial management and to the strict adherence to the contractual framework of the project (i.e. obligations and deadlines). This Task will ensure the correct execution of work and the maintenance of all the relationships within and outside the Consortium. In particular, it aims at:

  • creating and maintaining the Financial and Administrative Coordinator and ensuring a good communication flow among the partners;
  • creating an Exploitation Agreement taking into account management of knowledge and IPRs;
  • preparing the progress reports and collecting the other due documentation (e.g. cost statements).


Task 1.2: Scientific coordination (SSSA, All)

This task is related to the supervision of all scientific activities by organizing and coordinating the work performed by the research teams, in order to respect the schedule planned at the beginning of the project and to achieve the targeted results. This task aims at:

  • defining project policies and procedures, on the basis of the Consortium Agreement;
  • organizing and preparing plenary internal meetings and the foreseen review meetings;
  • monitoring the work activities and, if needed, re-scheduling them;
  • managing the project risks.