WP7: Dissemination and exploitation

Activity description:

Task 7.1: Dissemination (SSSA, All)

Dissemination material and generic communication channels are indeed necessary to transfer knowledge elements to the widest audience. In addition to opening a public section in the project website, the broadcast of project objectives as well as intermediate and final results will be achieved by producing leaflets and brochures in different languages and by publishing informative, technical and scientific papers. At least one event per year in the form of conference workshop is foreseen in the project course, with the purpose of presenting the project vision and results to a broad audience of interdisciplinary scientists. The project events will be organized also taking into account the most significant results obtained in the different fields addressed by the project (materials science, nanotechnology, molecular biology, engineering, etc.), at different project stages. For more details concerning M2Neural dissemination strategy and instruments, please refer to section 6.


Task 7.2: Exploitation (SMANIA)

SMANIA will manage the exploitation Task. The main envisioned outcome of the project consists of different prototypes of advanced neural interfaces. These constitute the core business of the SME, which is highly motivated in commercially exploiting such products. M2Neural activities will generate knowledge (results and information) that will be protected by patents. No results will be published without first considering their protection and/or their implication for the protection of other results. Within this task, a detailed IP analysis will be performed, in order to assure to the M2Neural participants the highest freedom to operate and appropriate exploitation opportunities. The ownership and exploitation of the knowledge and know-how will be specified in the Consortium Agreement.

From the beginning of the project, SMANIA will guide the academic partners on selecting technological processes compatible with batch fabrication and developing strategies for reduction of products costs.

The business plan of SMANIA will be adapted in order to consider the market opportunities of the innovative neural interfaces developed during the project. Routes to market of the new SELINE electrodes and their commercialization will be analyzed and new potential industrial partnership in the biomedical and materials field will be explored.